The Willmott Collection provides a warranty covering the structural component of The Willmott Collection furniture subject to the following limitations:

  • The Willmott Collection Warranty applies for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase of furniture.
  • The Willmott Collection reserves its right to choose whether to repair or replace any piece of furniture in relation to which a valid claim under this warranty is made. Any furniture replaced in accordance with the The Willmott Collection Warranty may slightly vary in colour and texture to the original.
  • Normal wear and tear is not covered by The Willmott Collection’s Warranty. Normal wear and tear includes but is not limited to the following facts and circumstances:
    • Timber will darken over time and timber boards will move depending on the environmental conditions they are kept in;
    • All surfaces will dull and incur scratches and markings with use and over time;
  • The Willmott Collection Warranty shall not cover:
    • any movement/cracking in the timber;
    • any natural marks, blemishes and characteristics of the timber;
    • any accidental damage;
    • any abusive, negligent or inappropriate use or any other misuse, including outdoor use;
    • any inadequate or improper care and maintenance applied to the furniture;
    • any alteration(s) and/or repair(s) which has/have not been authorised by The Willmott Collection;
    • any defects resulting from the use of care products other than those provided by The Willmott Collection

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