All the best family stories are told at the dining table

Here’s our story

It’s the meeting point. It’s the centrepiece. It’s the place where stories are shared. It’s the place family’s gather. It’s the simple dining table.

Over 60 year’s ago, the Willmott Collection was started by grandfather Max Willmott. It was a tradition for the family to gather for their evening meal where they’d share stories about their day.

Conversations often turned to furniture, with Max sharing his stories with the generations. After a few years, he handed the reigns to Chris and Julie Willmott.

You could say this love of furniture creation ran in the family blood with the Willmott Collection now being run by grandchildren, Dan and Lisa.

With each new generation, the Willmott Collection creates modern designs, mixed with the hand craftsmanship we’re known for.

Bespoke dining tables to match your style and personality

Each family has a unique story, so we believe that you deserve a dining table to reflect your family. We individually design and handcraft tables, ensuring you receive a bespoke piece of furniture you’ll have for many years.

Our designs include the popular French farmhouse and large French style chateau tables. We can also match your dining table with a personally made coffee table, console and other beautiful pieces of furniture.

We source the finest material for you

When you’re looking for a dining table that’ll be loved for generations, you expect it to be made of the best quality materials. We source European Oak, French Oak and reclaimed timbers, with our inlays created with Walnut,
Cherrywood, Sycamore and Canadian Rock Maple.

Without revealing our family secrets, we can tell you that our finishes and ageing techniques include an oiled natural finish to enhance your table’s natural beauty.

Fun facts about the third-generation dining table creator

With a passion for furniture making running through his veins, Dan is the current Willmott Collections creator. Not a mass-producer of furniture, Dan works alone in the factory. His loyal dog Loddy is always by his side, giving her bark of approval on Dan’s work.

And when he’s not creating dining tables, Dan proudly wears his ‘BBQ King’ hat. As a volunteer firefighter, besides fighting fires, Dan often runs their charity BBQs, putting as much care into turning a snag as he does wood.

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